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Looking through old photos

Admittedly on my lap top.  I wonder how they will be seen in the future. No longer kept in an old shoe box under the bed, with the date and who was in them written in pencil on the back, or stuck into the ‘photo album’ you know the one where only the best photos are displayed.

With everything digital and kept in the cloud, what happens when the cloud bursts? Do the pixels dissipate never to return.

Will someone pop into their local archives in say 30 years  and say ‘Have you got any pictures of what my town looked like at the turn of the century?

Who knows.

I just like looking through old photos.

This is one of my favourites, not because of the rainbow, or the lamp reflection (taken through a window) that could at a push be taken as a UFO (cue Gerry Anderson UFO music) but because that building no longer exists.

The whole area  redeveloped from this

to this

and finally

Until the next re development.


A Soft Day

My grandmother, and mother would have called today ‘A Soft Day’ It’s been raining on and off all day, more of a drizzle than showers.  The wind has died down, the temperature has dropped but it is not cold.  The sun is hidden behind the low clouds.  If you listen carefully you can hear birds singing.  Not the vibrant songs of last week, just the calls to one another. A solitary cat walks into my garden, no longer looking for shade.

As a youngster on holiday in Ireland, we would often experience ‘A Soft Day’  I would spend the day sitting at the front door of my grandparents cottage, on the little step (my grandparents lived in identical cottages’ sometimes reading the latest Enid Blyton book I had purchased in Woolworths in Clonmel (paying the taxes that bumped up the price by 6d) as I had read all the books I had brought with me.  Or filling in countless notebooks with short stories about children who climbed over the dry stone walls and met up with Leprechauns, Banshees and Pookas.

It was on days like this I could let my imagination run wild!

Funnily enough, today I have found my self sitting in the shelter of the doorway to my house, as soft rain quietly falls around me, wondering what could be behind the moss covered stone wall – letting my imagination run and jump wildly in the air. Maybe I will go and have a look!





Have become the Sunday for me in as much as lately I have exchanged my Sunday morning walks for Saturdays.

It is always good to change things around.

You can still find the ‘quiet’

If you take the time to look……



I’ve been looking at some old photos, mainly from the 1980s………shoulder pads anyone?

In the group photograph of ‘the girls’ I worked with (circa 1981-82)all had dresses or skirts that were below the knee but the hair! pass the hairspray please. Looking at the photos that included part of the offices you really get to see how much paperwork there was before computers (though if you saw my desk at work today you would disagree- but that’s another story)

UFO or Not A UFO?

I like ‘odd’ photos, you know the ones. Where something appears in shot that you did not see at first.  Or in this case, I saw this……..whilst trying to capture a shot of the rainbow.


Even though I immediately realised what the ‘UFO’ was, I still had just for a moment that ‘Gerry Anderson UFO sci fi show spaceship’ in mind…… and as I walked by the river I would not have been too surprised to have heard that eerie 60-70s sound that was so favoured to announce the arrival of a spaceship.


Maybe I will let you in on the secret……..

Finding Peace

At 23.08 on the 12th February 2014 I found my peace.
It’s a personal thing Peace, to me at that moment I found my peace.
I have been in many peaceful places throughout my life, beautiful countryside, magnificent buildings, simple pleasures of watching a cat asleep in the warm sun, the list goes on.

of Mars?

of Mars?

Time slows when you find your peace.


I have just rediscovered radio…..in the evenings….from local radio stations to national stations. I can at the flick of a switch listen to stations dedicated to the 70s, 80s, etc. Radio plays from yesteryear, and the local talk back stations.
Saturday or Sunday mornings are now dedicated to listening to Treasure Quest whilst I clean the house.
Saturday nights I turn on the satellite radio if i want to get some inspiration…. back to the type of music to bring back memories and set up ideas for new stories