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Another Day

Another day in the ‘Ninja Cat’ world of Sebastian, and at last he has gone back to ignoring dogs that pass his way as he snoozes in one of his favourite spots (half in, half out the garden gateway) Phew!

Sebi thought he was King of the Castle

Found this old photo of Sebi, you can see how much the colour of his fur has changed.


This deck chair is sooooo comfortable

Cats will choose the strangest places to have a snooze




A Quiet Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this site.  A lot has happened to me and to the world, this time last year the world was a much safer place, but I am not telling you something you do not already know.

As I write this, it feels like its early on a Sunday morning, not coming up to noon.  It is sunny and warm for the time of year, all I can hear (other than my tapping on the laptop keyboard) is the sound of birdsong.  I heard a Cuckoo calling for the first time in many years, blackbirds, thrushes, robins, the noisy magpies, the wood pigeons all make an appearance throughout the day. The sound of a lone car driving by momentarily brings me back to the 21st Century.

I assume the sales of audiobooks and e-books have increased, I have no data, only that I have purchased more titles and downloaded as much free content as possible.  Social media has played its part with helping people keep in touch with each other and the world.

But me, I love to hear the birdsong

Robin Singing it’s heart out

And to look up, to see what is flying by

or what has just landed

Just Visiting

All photos are from my archive (pre lockdown)


A Morning Walk

It’s mid morning, the sound of a wood pigeon in the distance calls to me. I pick up a camera, the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS is my choice of camera for today.
Walking through the countryside I heard the distinctive song of a robin.

Over the wall

I like to take photos from slightly different viewpoints.

I also like to photograph a particular feature of a building inside

and out

and sometimes the traditional shot

even if the trees get in the way.



Have become the Sunday for me in as much as lately I have exchanged my Sunday morning walks for Saturdays.

It is always good to change things around.

You can still find the ‘quiet’

If you take the time to look……


An Early Morning Mist

The dawn chorus has not started except for a few pigeons,  a solitary robin and the crows.  The shadow of a cat guard sitting on guard upon the garden wall.  In the distance? comes the muffled sound of a door opening and closing. The ears on the cat prick up and he turns his head to the direction of the sound.  He stands up, stretches as only cats can on a 6 foot high wall and with a quick lick and promise, he returns to his guard duty.

The mist is slow to clear, its warm and muggy, the sun struggles to break through. The neighbourhood cats walk on by, house to house, over walls and garden fences.  Every now and then one will stop, distracted by a bird, an opening window or perhaps the sound of their humans preparing food.  Its Saturday, the day of no real routine. Cats like routine…..

A Sunday Morning Walk

The early morning mist hung around this April morning, so these images look as though they were taken earlier than 11am.
It was so quiet as I walked through the churchyard, then I heard the distinctive sound of crows  and a dog barking in the distance.


It was a little chilly (compared to yesterday) but a pleasant walk to recharge the batteries and ready for the following week.

Looking Forward

After the Beast from the East I am looking forward to Spring

Because you never know what you may see.

The Changing Riverside

Every day the view along the riverside changes, some changes are subtle and may be missed by the casual viewer.  Some however leap out at you.






Looking through a window I saw this!

Gotcha!......You can fly but you can't hide!

Gotcha!……You can fly but you can’t hide!

Unfortunately I only had a camera phone to take the photo and it wasn’t the best of days