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Beating the Traffic Jam

One morning I was getting in my car to drive to work when I spotted this


in the sky above me.  I thought it was a lovely way to beat the traffic jams that always happen when the schools go back after half term etc.  A normal 20 minute journey can take twice that!

However being stuck in a traffic jam can have some good points, you get to hear the end of the stories on local radio… you hear about others in worse traffic jams than yours as you edge forward.


It was a foggy evening……

When I thought of my very first ‘scary’ story……….I was about 12 or 13 and had just arrived home from school and was sent out to buy a bag of hay and food for my guinea pig…….Accompanied by my friend from next door we walked the 10-15 minute walk to ‘the shops’ following the dimly lit path around the ‘green’ as the fog swirled around us, shadows danced as muffled sounds came from the few houses along the route and my young friend said ‘Tell me a Story’

So I did…………..

She didn’t sleep for a week…….

Amazing pictures

A Traveler's Tale

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

They call them “Ger Kindergarten”.  Yes, they are right in the middle of nowhere and yet they are fully functional, some with as many as 20 kids in the enrollment list.  The name comes from the structure used, the ger — traditional mobile tents (yurts) of the Mongoliannomads.  The kindergarten is usually composed of 2 gers, one is used as the classroom / activity room, the other as the kitchen and feeding area.  A short distance from the gers is a flimsy outhouse.  Supported by an international donor, the kindergartens are equipped with solar panels for lighting, books, sleeping materials, and other equipment.

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

The concept is an ingenious one.  Mongolian nomadic herder families move around a lot and, because of this, their kindergarten aged kids miss the chance to go to a formal kindergarten school.  The solution: provide a kindergarten school that was mobile and…

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It Just Seems Odd……..

that after putting out the wheelie bin on a Wednesday night, I now have to put it out on a Sunday night as the powers that be decided to review the timings of the collections to give a better service. 
People are creatures of habit, we like routine, it begins when we are babies, which parent hasn’t cheered (silently) that their child has gotten in to a routine of sleeping through the night. School, work, getting up at a certain time to catch a bus/ train.  So when a routine is changed (for whatever reason) it takes time to settle, to adjust.
Also am I the only one to notice that when parking my car in a public car park (roughly at the same time, for several days) that often I find  cars parked in the same place !

Lost and Found – Short Trips

Today I found a very old audio tape of Doctor Who short stories read by Nicholas Courtney (RIP) and Sophie Aldred.  The last time I remember listening to the tape was a few years ago one hot day when driving home topless (my car that is) and the blast of the theme music causing all the school kids in the street to turn and look……..as they recognized the sound from the new series of Doctor Who that had just begun……Now all I have to do is find some thing to play it on.