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Heatwave and the Summer of ’76

Yesterday was hot! so hot and muggy that most people tried everything they could to keep cool, today is cloudy and fresher. In ’76 all I can remember is every-day was hot, muggy and night time tempts being around the 20c mark, this went on for days and weeks, the grass turned yellow and large cracks appeared due to lack of water. Hosepipe bans, tarmac melting and personally the invasion of flying ants……they were supersized ants….the size I’ve never seen since, put me off creature features for some time.

Yesterday was a day of reflection, today is a day of looking forward. To the next heatwave Summer? or simply to tomorrow.


It was a foggy evening……

When I thought of my very first ‘scary’ story……….I was about 12 or 13 and had just arrived home from school and was sent out to buy a bag of hay and food for my guinea pig…….Accompanied by my friend from next door we walked the 10-15 minute walk to ‘the shops’ following the dimly lit path around the ‘green’ as the fog swirled around us, shadows danced as muffled sounds came from the few houses along the route and my young friend said ‘Tell me a Story’

So I did…………..

She didn’t sleep for a week…….

UFO or Not A UFO?

I like ‘odd’ photos, you know the ones. Where something appears in shot that you did not see at first.  Or in this case, I saw this……..whilst trying to capture a shot of the rainbow.


Even though I immediately realised what the ‘UFO’ was, I still had just for a moment that ‘Gerry Anderson UFO sci fi show spaceship’ in mind…… and as I walked by the river I would not have been too surprised to have heard that eerie 60-70s sound that was so favoured to announce the arrival of a spaceship.


Maybe I will let you in on the secret……..

UFO or No UFO?

That is the question



or just a reflection?

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Classic Doctor Who is Back

On the Horror Channel at Easter. I am looking to get re-acquainted with the original cybermen, Ograns, The Wirren, The Thals, The Kaleds, The Green Death, The Sontaruns, to name but a few. And as for companions- Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan, Nissa, Adric. Ace who loved her Nitro Nine and attacking Daleks with a baseball bat and called the Doctor ‘Professor’



Looking for Ringside Seats

Looking for Ringside Seats




The stuff of Nightmares
Blink- Don’t Blink!

Black and White always conjures up the feelings from a childhood watching Hammer House of Horror, The Twilight Zone (the original) The ordinary becomes extra ordinary, Tales of the Unexpected (in colour but the music….. scary) I love a good scary story, I’ve written a few in my time. I’ve followed in my mothers and grandmothers footsteps telling tales that make you wonder just what was that sound you heard in the middle of the night…….. may be you had better get up and see……………….. but remember Don’t Blink!

Don't Blink!

Don’t Blink!