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Looking through the Lens

Sometimes I capture the most unexpected shot…..

I had been walking around one of my usual country parks and had decided to take a few shots of the wildfowl on one of the lakes, when I saw a flash of blue in front of the lens as I was composing my shot.

Then of course it’s always worth just pointing the camera and see what its sees along the shores of the lake.


And sometimes you may get an unexpected bonus!

If you look closely at the Great Crested Grebe on the nest you will see Junior hitching a ride


Watching and Waiting

It won’t be long now before the eggs hatch in the moorhens nest that I have been watching throughout my lunch break by the riverside. The nest (2nd one this year) has been built in the same place as last year though without the added shelter a traffic cone. Yesterday I counted six eggs as Mrs Moorhen took a quick wash and brush up before hopping back onto the nest and waited patiently for Mr Moorhen to give her a leaf or two.

The New Nest

The New Nest