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Herons, Geese and Swans

On one of my regular lunchtime walks along the river, I passed through my usual turning point (Town Bridge) and made my way to the weir. Sitting down to eat my lunch, camera at the ready I spied the usual swans, ducks and Canada geese. It was a pleasant surprize to see a couple of herons fly in.

It was many years ago on this river that I first saw a heron for the first time.
As I sat watching the Canada geese, I became aware that they were watching me as they grazed the sunburnt grass

One in particular followed me to the rubbish bin as I disposed of my sandwich packaging, hissing his disappointment

at not receiving a snack!


A Sunday Stroll

Recently I have been taking a stroll on a Sunday.  As I walk around a local lake I find my self enjoying the late Summers sun.  It’s popular with cyclists and joggers both old and young who whiz around  the lakeside missing the Herons waiting patiently for their next fish, and all the other wildlife  along the pathways  they rush along.IMG_0008



If only they would stop awhile and just take a look…..