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Halloween is Coming

And I am looking forward to a slice of Barmbrack and catching up with a few other Halloween Traditions from my youth………Not forgetting Faheys Orchard


A Taste of Ireland (part 2)

The best laid plans……and knowing what is in the cupboard….I had intended to save the barmbrack and the soda bread for St Patrick’s day.  Alas! I found myself opening the cupboard when brewing a cup of tea and reaching for the brack……needless to say I had to make another supermarket trip to buy some more.  Oh for the humble Kimberley biscuit!

A taste of Ireland

I am currently writing a piece that has brought back memories of times spent at my grandparents and when shopping at a local supermarket I spotted some  barmbrack and fruit soda bread for sale.  Needless to say they found their way into my basket and I am looking forward to having them on St Patricks day (if I can wait that long!)