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Guesss Who is Coming to Bedford

Just a few photos from last years event





Weeping Angels in Disguise

Never mind the Zygons


Guess Who is Coming to Bedford

If you are a Doctor Who fan, the next Bedford Who Charity Convention has announced some amazing guests.

Sophie Aldred (photo from Charity Con 4) reuniting with Her Doctor –
Sylvester McCoy 
Other guests include:
Janet Fielding
Carole Ann Ford
Louise Jamieson
Michael Jayston
Full details are available on the Bedford Who Charity Con website. – Ticket prices etc.

I have been to a few of these conventions and have enjoyed every one.  The last one had Colin Baker singing the Timelord Song (it’s on YouTube)

The sketches are brilliant.   (also on YouTube)


Sophie Aldred and Elen Thomas (Above)
Sophie Aldred and John Leeson (Below)

Even a Weeping Angel wants a photo with a Zygon 

And don’t forget the Daleks!

Are likely to turn up.

All the money raised goes to the Bedford Food Bankbank


Doctor Who Companions

Last week I went to a small Doctor Who event in Bedford (UK) – Bedford Who Charity Con -where Three Former Companions of The Doctor from the 1960s – Patrick Troughton’s Doctor, the 1970s – Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and the 1980’s – Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, were appearing along side John Leeson the voice of K9  The tickets were a little pricey but it was a Charity Event for the Bedford Food Bank which is providing emergency food for 500 children and adults a month.

It was also the day that they announced the name of the actress to play the new companion to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.  There was lost of laughter when  Sophie Aldred, Katy Manning and Deborah Watling discussed the merits of the different type of shoes they wore whilst a companion. (Doc Martins, Hobnail boots and high heels (platform).

Sophie Katy and Deborah taking questions from the audience

Sophie, Katy and Deborah taking questions from the audience

What also was interesting was on my journey to the convention a Dalek (with helper)  was trundling alongside a fairly main road and nobody was batting an eyelid as it used a zebra crossing.


All in all it was a great day out.

A Walk on The Wild Side

I love walking through the countryside, listening to birds singing their hearts out.  Watching rabbits bounding along bridleways. A butterfly fluttering from flower to flower or a few geese on the riverbank


IMG_0015 (1)

or occasionally



Sunday Walks

And the things you see……..


A Scarecrow, A Weeping Angel, An Auton.

As well as ……


A Coot.

It’s a funny Old World

Driving home today, the DJ was talking to a guy about the International Space Station and how it would be visible in the night sky around my area.  I remembered reading a book many years ago by Arthur C Clarke which was set in the future about a boy lost at sea looking up at one of the space stations circling the planet and hoping for rescue. At the time of reading it  I don’t think Skylab was even thought of.

What was science fiction has often become fact, all be it in a different time scale, though time is relative etc. etc.

So If I see a Blue Box I just pop inside and take a look!




No Tardis Needed

Along with the rest of the country I ‘Time Travelled’ when the clocks went back an hour from BST to GMT – As a child I was fascinated by this event and when I found out about the international dateline the fascination with ‘Time’ grew.  I read everything I could – fiction and non fiction (oh how I wish the internet was around then!)



I still like the idea of travelling in the Tardis- The places and the ‘times’ it could take you to. However what I would enjoy would be exploring all the rooms in it. Some big, some small and some positively never ending. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading