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Radio Days and Nights


Recently I have gone back to listening to the radio.  When I was a teenager it was always BBC Radio One. Now I tend to listen to the local BBC radio stations as I travel to and from work for the travel updates and local stories.  One lunchtime I listened as the local radio presenter was on an outside broadcast at an event and  tickled a pig!

I have become a fan of some National Talk Radio shows.  A lot of radio stations have appeared on the internet and on free-view and satellite TV  and when flick through the channels looking for something different to listen to I am reminded on those times as a teenager I would eagerly tune and retune the transistor radio looking for Radio Luxembourg through the hiss and crackle that was a.m. radio





I have just rediscovered radio…..in the evenings….from local radio stations to national stations. I can at the flick of a switch listen to stations dedicated to the 70s, 80s, etc. Radio plays from yesteryear, and the local talk back stations.
Saturday or Sunday mornings are now dedicated to listening to Treasure Quest whilst I clean the house.
Saturday nights I turn on the satellite radio if i want to get some inspiration…. back to the type of music to bring back memories and set up ideas for new stories