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Sunday Sunshine

It’s Sunday, and the sun is shining, the sounds that abound remind me of Sundays past. Young lads working on their pride and joy cars, the sounds and smells wafting over of Sunday roast being cooked and the faraway sound of a dog barking it’s joyfulness as it’s being walked (or should that be walking it’s owner) Birds flitting to the bird feeder, keeping a watchful eye on the cats dozing in a sun trapped corner of the garden.

It’s still only February, so maybe tomorrow ………..

The Robin Singing it’s heart out.


King of the Castle

Everybody knows that if you leave an empty box out a cat will hop inside.  However if you have a pile of wood/rubbish……..

They will sit on top of it. 

It’s Sunday

And apparently I have been on WordPress for 9 years, yes NINE years.
In this time I have done many things, and some are on my still to do list……. ( I don’t call it a bucket list) I like to do things at my own pace.  Sometimes it’s slower than others.  I like to march to the beat of my own drum so to speak. ( or stroll)

I like to take the time to look around me.  First this morning I drew back the curtain onto my garden to see next doors cat, oblivious to every thing around him just rolling about in the sun bleached grass, enjoying the early morning sunshine, which for an eighteen year old cat is pretty good going.

After a few minutes he decided to act his age and have a snooze

Coping with the Heat!

As I write this, the day is now overcast, it’s still warm, the ice-cream van has just tootled by playing the theme to Match of the Day, in years gone by you would often hear the roar of ‘Ripe Strawberries, Ripe Strawberries’ and the ringing of a hand-bell calling  out the adults who wanted fresh strawberries.  The temperature reads 26c degrees in the house, next doors cat is lying down in the shade in my garden and in the distance I hear the sound of wood pigeons, the odd car passing by and every now and then out of the corner of my eye, I see swallows or swifts fly by so fast I often cannot tell which is which

The big thunderstorms have not yet arrived here; but there is still time……..


Or just Daydreaming

I have always been a daydreamer, I would often tuck myself away in a corner as  a child so I could have  daydream time to my self.  Now of course I no longer need to tuck my self away but I do take a time out for a daydream or two, It helps with inspiration for my writing and if outside I often find the local wildlife popping around to take a peek at me, not to mention the neighbours cats who always sense when I am in the garden and hop up onto my lap to have a quick snooze while I sit in my deck chair with a mug of tea and a hot buttered scone.

Just Visiting

Just Visiting

A Saturday Morning Walk

Through a Churchyard

After a good nights sleep I awoke early this morning with plenty of ideas buzzing through my head. I took a quick walk through a Churchyard (along with my trusty camera) to see what else was stirring on this lovely Autumn (Fall) morning as the sun was shining brightly.

I was here First

I was here First

Seems like I wasn’t the only one.

The Last Days of Summer

are upon us, today I was going to have a cup of tea and catch the warm rays of the Sun……… Someone else beat me to the chair!

This deck chair is sooooo comfortable

This deck chair is sooooo comfortable

Wake me up when the sun goes in

Wake me up when the sun goes in