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I have just rediscovered radio… the evenings….from local radio stations to national stations. I can at the flick of a switch listen to stations dedicated to the 70s, 80s, etc. Radio plays from yesteryear, and the local talk back stations.
Saturday or Sunday mornings are now dedicated to listening to Treasure Quest whilst I clean the house.
Saturday nights I turn on the satellite radio if i want to get some inspiration…. back to the type of music to bring back memories and set up ideas for new stories


Trick of the Light… or Camera Angle?

I guess it must be me! Nobody (not even the spammers) could see what I see in the last post. Oh well should have gone to specsavers!

Dark Nights……..

Are good for reading and writing ghost stories, so what am I in the middle of writing?

Kindle or not to Kindle?

Since getting my Kindle I have found that I am reading a lot of different genres, not just the free samples.  It is so handy to pop in a bag and take it anywhere. The ‘experimental’ web browser is handy for a quick peep at the news sites.

The downside- none- unless you consider the see it, want it, buy it, start reading it in minutes.

At Last!

The summer has arrived……..or do I speak too soon, its early evening and I am sitting in the back garden watching the acrobatics of the swallows as they swoop after flies in the air, the evening twitter of blackbirds and robins.  The pigeons occasionally joining in the act. 
I have been a bit slack in posting recently, mainly because I have been reading sample after sample of books on my Kindle……I have decided to broaden my horizons on the genre of the books I read.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The things you see when you have a camera

Out and about yesterday I was lucky enough to see and photograph a  Grey Heron as it fished.  For once I had my camera with me as I was scouting locations for another story and as it was a lovely day I stopped off at one of my favourite places to just sit and enjoy the day.  Then I saw the heron waiting patiently for me to photograph it!  I was also able to video it as it moved up and down stream looking for fish.

Keeping a Notebook…..or Two

Flicking through an old notebook  I came across the very rough outline for a short story that I had intended to enter into a competition.  Now however I can see a different outcome for the piece, story wise and ultimately where it could be published.