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Reflections and Selfies

Whenever I take a photo I always look for reflections.  It comes from my preference of being behind the camera, and not the subject so to speak.  However there has been times when I have inadvertently caught my own reflection in a shot.


However this was not one of those times.

It is a bit of a spooky shot in as much as the subject looks as though it is leaping out of the water.



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Watching and Waiting

IMG_0227 (2)

To find the inner me




or just plain Spooky?

UFO or Not A UFO?

I like ‘odd’ photos, you know the ones. Where something appears in shot that you did not see at first.  Or in this case, I saw this……..whilst trying to capture a shot of the rainbow.


Even though I immediately realised what the ‘UFO’ was, I still had just for a moment that ‘Gerry Anderson UFO sci fi show spaceship’ in mind…… and as I walked by the river I would not have been too surprised to have heard that eerie 60-70s sound that was so favoured to announce the arrival of a spaceship.


Maybe I will let you in on the secret……..

UFO or No UFO?

That is the question



or just a reflection?