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A Soft Day

My grandmother, and mother would have called today ‘A Soft Day’ It’s been raining on and off all day, more of a drizzle than showers.  The wind has died down, the temperature has dropped but it is not cold.  The sun is hidden behind the low clouds.  If you listen carefully you can hear birds singing.  Not the vibrant songs of last week, just the calls to one another. A solitary cat walks into my garden, no longer looking for shade.

As a youngster on holiday in Ireland, we would often experience ‘A Soft Day’  I would spend the day sitting at the front door of my grandparents cottage, on the little step (my grandparents lived in identical cottages’ sometimes reading the latest Enid Blyton book I had purchased in Woolworths in Clonmel (paying the taxes that bumped up the price by 6d) as I had read all the books I had brought with me.  Or filling in countless notebooks with short stories about children who climbed over the dry stone walls and met up with Leprechauns, Banshees and Pookas.

It was on days like this I could let my imagination run wild!

Funnily enough, today I have found my self sitting in the shelter of the doorway to my house, as soft rain quietly falls around me, wondering what could be behind the moss covered stone wall – letting my imagination run and jump wildly in the air. Maybe I will go and have a look!





Connecting with the Past

On a very chilly but sunny Sunday afternoon

I took a  quick walk though Foster Hill Road Cemetery Bedford

I was there to listen to a very entertaining talk by author Ruth Hogan (Keeper of Lost Things) but took the time to take a few photos with my trusty camera on my way out.




A Washed Out Bank Holiday

Its been raining most of this Bank Holiday, a few years ago this would have bothered me. Now it just allows me to ‘do’ other things. Catch up with my reading, sort through photographs, listen to the radio. The list is endless. At the moment the film Star Trek The Voyage Home is on the Sci Fi Channel (I don’t like the term syfy)  in the background – classic one liners.


Looking through my recent pics I found this one.

Finding Treasures From The Past

I have just re discovered a brochure from Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks and Anatomy Exhibition (Combined Free Brochure value 5p)- it belong to my sister (name written inside) it’s a fascinating read. even if the ‘exhibits’ are pretty tame compared to what is seen todays world.



I wonder if it is still there……….

Stephen King Books

Do Not Read when in the bath – IT
Do Not Read when on an aeroplane – The Langoliers
Do Not Read when you have the flu – The Stand
Do Not Read when looking for a puppy – Cujo

The list goes on…. and on



Waiting for snow

they said it would snow….. still waiting….maybe tomorrow. Now watching an old episode of the Vicar of Dibley, it still makes me smile, even if some of the jokes are ‘dated’ about the government and the tv personalities of the time. However joking aside I have been recently reading the Merrily Watkins series (available thru Amazon) by Phil Rickman and I still see Dawn French as Merrily- sorry Phil…..loved the books all eleven, so when is the 12th?
Still waiting for snow…

Kindle or not to Kindle?

Since getting my Kindle I have found that I am reading a lot of different genres, not just the free samples.  It is so handy to pop in a bag and take it anywhere. The ‘experimental’ web browser is handy for a quick peep at the news sites.

The downside- none- unless you consider the see it, want it, buy it, start reading it in minutes.