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Radio Days and Nights


Recently I have gone back to listening to the radio.  When I was a teenager it was always BBC Radio One. Now I tend to listen to the local BBC radio stations as I travel to and from work for the travel updates and local stories.  One lunchtime I listened as the local radio presenter was on an outside broadcast at an event and  tickled a pig!

I have become a fan of some National Talk Radio shows.  A lot of radio stations have appeared on the internet and on free-view and satellite TV  and when flick through the channels looking for something different to listen to I am reminded on those times as a teenager I would eagerly tune and retune the transistor radio looking for Radio Luxembourg through the hiss and crackle that was a.m. radio




Beating the Traffic Jam

One morning I was getting in my car to drive to work when I spotted this


in the sky above me.  I thought it was a lovely way to beat the traffic jams that always happen when the schools go back after half term etc.  A normal 20 minute journey can take twice that!

However being stuck in a traffic jam can have some good points, you get to hear the end of the stories on local radio… you hear about others in worse traffic jams than yours as you edge forward.

Radio Days

Recently I have been listening to various radio stations throughout the day, most days I wake up to a national radio station, in the car it is a local station (for traffic updates etc.) Lunch times it’s headphones on, listening to a regular show, sometimes the interviews are sad and sometimes they are more uplifting.
Recently I have been listening to a ‘pop up’ station that played Country Music.
Saturday mornings is housework time and ‘Treasure Quest’  where two teams from neighbouring radio stations vie to find the treasure in their area before each other, but mostly they want to beat the ‘Evil Les’ the quizmaster.



A Washed Out Bank Holiday

Its been raining most of this Bank Holiday, a few years ago this would have bothered me. Now it just allows me to ‘do’ other things. Catch up with my reading, sort through photographs, listen to the radio. The list is endless. At the moment the film Star Trek The Voyage Home is on the Sci Fi Channel (I don’t like the term syfy)  in the background – classic one liners.


Looking through my recent pics I found this one.

It’s a funny Old World

Driving home today, the DJ was talking to a guy about the International Space Station and how it would be visible in the night sky around my area.  I remembered reading a book many years ago by Arthur C Clarke which was set in the future about a boy lost at sea looking up at one of the space stations circling the planet and hoping for rescue. At the time of reading it  I don’t think Skylab was even thought of.

What was science fiction has often become fact, all be it in a different time scale, though time is relative etc. etc.

So If I see a Blue Box I just pop inside and take a look!




No Tardis Needed

Along with the rest of the country I ‘Time Travelled’ when the clocks went back an hour from BST to GMT – As a child I was fascinated by this event and when I found out about the international dateline the fascination with ‘Time’ grew.  I read everything I could – fiction and non fiction (oh how I wish the internet was around then!)



I still like the idea of travelling in the Tardis- The places and the ‘times’ it could take you to. However what I would enjoy would be exploring all the rooms in it. Some big, some small and some positively never ending. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

Treasure Quest

Just Visiting

Just Visiting

I listen to Treasure Quest on BBC 3CR and BBC radio Northampton, the format has changed slightly as now each radio station competes against each other to ‘find the treasure’ in each area. JVS (Jonathan Vernon Smith) reads the clues and gives out squidgy squeezes. The Evil Les sets the clues and boy does it get competitive!
Seriously though it’s a good way to pick up some knowledge specific to the areas visited and who knows I may use some of it in my next book.

This is a picture of ‘Chocolate Bum’ a cat who likes to come and visit me during Treasure Quest (but only in the warm weather)

Update on Treasure Quest – Radio Northants is in the lead from 3CR because Northants is ONE clue ahead…….but me thinks the Evil Les is chuckling as Laura is trying to get off the M25 ……..will she make it before next week!