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Another Day

Another day in the ‘Ninja Cat’ world of Sebastian, and at last he has gone back to ignoring dogs that pass his way as he snoozes in one of his favourite spots (half in, half out the garden gateway) Phew!

Sebi thought he was King of the Castle

Found this old photo of Sebi, you can see how much the colour of his fur has changed.


This deck chair is sooooo comfortable

Cats will choose the strangest places to have a snooze




Ninja Cat

In a previous post I mentioned that my elderly cat went all ‘Ninja Cat’ when he saw my neighbours dog passing by.

My neighbour uses a mobility scooter to get around.  Yesterday he went out to exercise his medium sized dog, as he passed my open gate Sebastian (Sebi) leapt up from where he was snoozing in the sunshine  and out the gate towards the dog who was rather confused at this yowling, hissing, spitting attacking him.

Now today, Sebi decided that 2 tiny dogs out for a walk with their owner was going to get the same treatment, Now these 2 dogs put together would still be smaller than Sebi on a good day.

Luckily their owner saw the funny side as Sebi didn’t really know who to try and whack first (he didn’t catch either of them)

This is Sebi – He was complaining very loudly about being caught in a rainstorm.

As you can see he does not have many teeth, but I can confirm he has very sharp claws and a really loud MEOW

One Day

It is Bank Holiday Monday, another during Lockdown, where everyone is Social Distancing, wearing face masks etc. However this post is about my cat Sebastian.

Sebastian is an elderly cat, approximately 15 years old, he’s been with me about 18 months now and knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

I’ve been around cats all my life, each one having their own distinct personality  and Sebi has quite a few quirks.
He likes to drink water from a jug

He prefers open gates since he can no longer jump up onto high walls

He will wait patiently for the gate to be opened so he can go in or out, or half way in.  If I take too long a very loud Meow is heard and if he is wanting to come in a little white paw is tapped underneath the gate.


However today took the biscuit so to speak.
Sebi doesn’t like dogs, usually cats will make a strategic retreat if a dog comes on the scene, not so Sebi.  My neighbour was walking his dog past my open gate, Sebi was snoozing in the garden and decided to go ‘Ninja Cat’ at the dog (who backed away confused)
Luckily no blood was spilled, I had a socially distanced chat with my neighbour, with the back ground noise of Sebi  alternately growling and spitting at the dog.  Every few minutes the cat would get up, move from one side of the garden to the other, doing the arched back and bristled fur.  Eventually he settled down at a safe distance.

The Last of the Sunshine

Last weekend in the sunshine I strolled around Rushden Hall Park.

Rushden Hall

Guests were arriving for a Wedding so I turned my attention to The Rushden Museum


Its a very small museum but a little gem.

Would you believe these next two images are of the public conveniences

Some views of the park


and some of the ‘locals’

This park has a designated area for dogs ‘off lead’

It seems well used but has divided opinion amongst park users



In a hurry

to try out my new camera, I took a stroll along the riverbank

And yes that is my shadow, in the last of the summer sunshine.


After the Festival

The clean up continues

and gradually the river returns to normal

The Canada Geese on Patrol

Whilst a few ducks enjoy the sunshine

sitting by the river

A Riverside Stroll

It’s been so hot lately that I have tended just to sit beside the riverside at lunchtime.  However I never miss a chance to add to my collection of photos.

Connecting with the Past

On a very chilly but sunny Sunday afternoon

I took a  quick walk though Foster Hill Road Cemetery Bedford

I was there to listen to a very entertaining talk by author Ruth Hogan (Keeper of Lost Things) but took the time to take a few photos with my trusty camera on my way out.




A Sunday Walk

In the Autumn sunshine

And soon it will be time to put up the Christmas lights.

Summer along the Riverbank

Summer has arrived, well a few hot days all in a row. Time I thought for a quick walk along the river.


Cross a bridge or two

Views from the new bridge

The new…….

And the old.