Not Just A Ghost Writer

Ghost Writing can mean writing ghost stories or writing for someone else.  A lot of celebs employ writers to write their stories and publish it under their own name.  What is less known is the ordinary person who has a tale to tell but perhaps doesn’t have the time or the skill to do it themselves.

I do both.  I write fictional Ghost Stories, though I do not restrict my self to stories of the supernatural, I write sci- fi although for some people it’s sy-fy.  I also write crime thrillers, some may have a supernatural twist others don’t.  I write articles on a variety of topics from nostalgia to current affairs.

8 responses to “Not Just A Ghost Writer

  1. I understand that some ppl have ghost writers, but how does that work logistically without being plagiarism?

    • In what way?

      • How can a person have someone else write for them and then you their own name? I mean, in college we called that plagiarism, LOL. But I assume there is some loophole or specifications that make it okay? I was just wondering how that works… (Plus, if I wrote something good, I’d hate letting someone else take credit.)

  2. sorry, typo. I meant, how can someone have someone else do their writing, and then “USE” their own name on it.

  3. How do you feel about ghost writing? Does it bother you that someone else is getting credit for your work or are you happy to be paid for doing what you love? I always wondered about this.

    • It is nice to see your name in print but there is satisfaction in producing a finished piece of work for some one.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the like over on my blog! You’ve got a pretty likable blog here, too!

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