About Me – The Photographer

I got a Kodak 127 camera for my eleventh birthday and from that day forward I was hooked on photography.  I would have photographed everyone and anything I could – though as the film only held 7 exposures; and was expensive to buy and get printed I was rationed to photographing special events. However once to ‘use up’ the film I took a picture of an old stone wall. It drew a lot of comments from my family as it did not have any people or pets in it.

Alas that particular photo is languishing in an old shoe box somewhere (the home of old black and white photos)

However this is a recent recreation of that photo.

Aged 13 I had moved on to colour photography (still plenty of pets – mainly cats) and a 1st for me – Flash photography! using a Kodak 126 camera

Then for my 18th birthday I was given a SLR and my real love of photography began.

I now use a DSLR and a Bridge camera – both by Canon and have been known to use the camera on my phone.

And as you can see, I still take pictures of stone walls……..