I’ve been looking at some old photos, mainly from the 1980s………shoulder pads anyone?

In the group photograph of ‘the girls’ I worked with (circa 1981-82)all had dresses or skirts that were below the knee but the hair! pass the hairspray please. Looking at the photos that included part of the offices you really get to see how much paperwork there was before computers (though if you saw my desk at work today you would disagree- but that’s another story)


One response to “Yikes!

  1. Those of us with enough gray hair (or lack of hair, or too much hair in inconvenient places) that worked in business or in offices of some sort can remember conducting that business without: Cell phones, computers, printers , copy machines (I don’t remember how to even spell mimiograph?), push button desk phones (they had dials), voice mail, e-mail, facebook, instagram, or any technology other than ball point pens, carbon paper and whiteout. HOW did we ever survive?

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