Cat vs Dog

My garden.
This Morning
High Noon (about 11 ish really but High Noon sounds better!)

In the Yellow Corner is a young excitable and friendly golden lab. – Belongs to neighbour number 1
In the Blue Corner is a mature Siamese moggy with china blue eyes. – Belongs to neighbour number 2

Seconds Out
Round 1
“Sniff, sniff, hiss. This is my territory.” says the cat
“Hello I’ve just come to visit Aunty” replies the dog
“Hiss, hiss, growl” responds the cat as he raises his paw.
Ding. Ding. End of Round 1

Referee (me) intervenes and removes cat to the safety of garden fence and is sent home. Dog placed on lead.

Continue to talk to neighbour (owner of dog) then the cat re-appears looking to start round 2

Dog exits stage left
Cat sits down and begins the important business of a quick wash of face.

“That told him!” says the cat as he leaps up onto the fence to go home.

Looking for Ringside Seats

Looking for Ringside Seats


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