A Church in Snow

I took this a few years ago around this time of year. Somehow a similar picture taken during the wind and rain of today just wouldn’t be the same.

I like snow, but not for long or when I have to struggle through it to get to and from work.

I am prepared for snow this year, new snow shovel, de-icer and e-zee melt salt for my path. So we get lots of rain, and strong winds. I am lucky, I don’t live in an area that floods, however on my short- ish journey into work (less when the schools are on holiday) I have often passed by flooded fields and riverbanks.

Perhaps I should stock up on sunscreen – who knows maybe we will have a nice warm Summer this year.

Still with this crazy weather who knows what birds I may see when I next go out bird watching.

Church in Snow

Church in Snow


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