Not Long Now

Until they name the actor to play the next Doctor… preference is for an older actor to take on the role. One of earliest memories of Doctor Who is when Jon Pertwee was cast as the 3rd Doctor.
Other actors followed in William Hartnells shoes, each bringing a different angle to the Doctor. And to the assistants, from Susan, Barbara and Ian, through Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan, Ace, Donna Noble and all the others each an assistant of the times, some more feisty than others but all adding to the mythology of Doctor Who, and those from the spin offs, Torchwoods Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, Luke, Clyde and Rani (Clani!)both appearing with different Doctors.
Thank you Russell for bringing Doctor Who Back, and thank you Stephen Moffett keeping it going.


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