Beep Beep!

It’s the morning alarm, time to get up….Beep Beep it’s really time to get up! Beep Beep it’s the microwave telling me my oat so simple is ready to eat. Beep Beep it’s the dustbin lorry (garbabage truck) reversing up the street. Beep Beep the digital watch beeps the hour, time to leave for work. Beep Beep goes the (insert type) Crossing. Time and time again before reaching the car park. Beep Beep goes the lights left on warning – no flat battery in the dark evenings! Beep Beep look for the green man, cross the road safely. Walk into work building, Beep Beep flash the badge, through the security doors, once, twice, don’t even think of lift (elevator) Beep Beep turn the computor on Beep Beep through out the day,emails- one two three, to thirty three before lunch….Beep Beep through the security doors to works restaurant, Beep Beep pay for lunch, Beep Beep back to desk Beep Beep one hundred and thirty three emails before Beep Beep fire alarm at 3pm. Beep Beep computer closes down.Beep Beep time to go home….


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