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Jessie T. Ponce Photography

They call them “Ger Kindergarten”.  Yes, they are right in the middle of nowhere and yet they are fully functional, some with as many as 20 kids in the enrollment list.  The name comes from the structure used, the ger — traditional mobile tents (yurts) of the Mongoliannomads.  The kindergarten is usually composed of 2 gers, one is used as the classroom / activity room, the other as the kitchen and feeding area.  A short distance from the gers is a flimsy outhouse.  Supported by an international donor, the kindergartens are equipped with solar panels for lighting, books, sleeping materials, and other equipment.

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

The concept is an ingenious one.  Mongolian nomadic herder families move around a lot and, because of this, their kindergarten aged kids miss the chance to go to a formal kindergarten school.  The solution: provide a kindergarten school that was mobile and…

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