I found an old diary from 1991 – I can’t believe what I was doing at the time was so long ago! Makes me feel really old.  Makes me think about the diary I am keeping now, perhaps a little editing or censoring is required, just incase someone else reads it. (my handwritten diary is for my eyes only)  Funnily enough I also found a piece of paper in and old book (as a bookmark) and it described my feelings as a teenager waiting for corrective eye surgery in the 70’s  I guess that’s when I began to keep a regular (ish) type of diary.  I use a reporter’s notebook rather than a traditional diary but ensure I make a note of the date etc. 

I am lucky in as much as I have nearly achieved what I had wanted to do (at the time) also I have been luckily enough to achieve somethings I thought were ‘Pie in the Sky’ at the time.  Makes me realize that don’t aim for the Moon if you really want Mars, but also accept that reaching the Moon is still pretty good! 

Right now perhaps I will try another ‘planet’ or two to aim for.


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