Kindle Touch

The new Kindle Touch has been launched by Amazon (available next month to buy) with all the bells and whistles a new product needs.  It reminds me of when VCRs first came out, VHS, Betamax etc. Different makes, models.  The early ones had features on that most people would never use – audio dub is a prime example, then came the SVHS HI8 tapes (yes tapes) for the new hobby of making your own home movies(forget cine-film – too fiddly and expensive.  Now you can record video of the most basic of mobile phones (cell phones in the USA) Anybody remember the first radio cassette recorders? (about the size of a laptop but five times the weight)

What will the ultimate Kindle be? I guess some boffins at Amazon has an idea. I know what I would like it to be. But would it still be a Kindle?


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