I am not just quick enough.

In Flight

To take the shot I want.

The other day I was out walking in one of my usual haunts, camera in hand, hoping to add to my collection of bird photos.  It was a rather dreary day, it couldn’t decide what it was going to do.  A persistent drizzle threatened to turn into a downpour.  Still I had decided I would do a spot of birdwatching after I had completed the mundane housekeeping tasks.
Looking along the path through the woods I spied

Sun shining through the clouds

the sun shining through the clouds.

Looking up through the trees I spied this little chap helping himself to a few red berries.


And waiting patiently as always …..



Looking Back and going forward

How many people have photograph albums tucked away in a drawer, under the bed, in the loft? I guess most people over a certain age will have at least one.  More likely is that they will have boxes full of the photos that they just did not get around to putting into albums.

Now of course everybody takes pictures on their phones and uploads them onto the internet. I am no different, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.


This is a photograph of the family cat, lying in the shade circa 1976 – The Summer of the Heatwave.

All Ducks in a Row

And this was taken earlier this year.


Night Views





Autumn Leaves

Along the riverbank


An explosion of colour


and textures


img_0047 img_0031 img_0036


Radio Days and Nights


Recently I have gone back to listening to the radio.  When I was a teenager it was always BBC Radio One. Now I tend to listen to the local BBC radio stations as I travel to and from work for the travel updates and local stories.  One lunchtime I listened as the local radio presenter was on an outside broadcast at an event and  tickled a pig!

I have become a fan of some National Talk Radio shows.  A lot of radio stations have appeared on the internet and on free-view and satellite TV  and when flick through the channels looking for something different to listen to I am reminded on those times as a teenager I would eagerly tune and retune the transistor radio looking for Radio Luxembourg through the hiss and crackle that was a.m. radio



A Different View





A walk by the river

On my latest walk along the riverbank I spied this little chap enjoying the sunshine on his lonesome.


This little chap decided to pop over to see what I was doing.


And these three just swam on by.