Its Raining

It’s raining, its July and warm outside, yet it is raining. There has been rumbling thunder, a flash of lightening and torrential rainstorms for the past few hours.
As I sit in the open doorway of my Kitchen looking out at the rain I am reminded of times spent holidaying at my grandparents homes in Ireland during the 1960s and 70s.  Most days would be spent out in the fields, with my brother and sister and  the neighbouring children and my many cousins.  I was the youngest and often could not always keep up.
Rainy days would find me sitting in the open doorway of their cottage, book in hand, perhaps accompanied by one of my grandmothers dogs.  I could quite happily stay there watching the rain as it fell at let my imagination go wild.
I have recently come across some of my old school work, I can see how much the time I spent at my grandparents cottages influenced my writing then and how much it still does.  Then if I had a question about Irish folklore or history I could always ask someone.  Now of course he have google.

So now I am going to go back to watching the rain, with my cat by my side

Taking Time

To walk slowly along the roadside it’s surprising what you can see.
Recently I have walked around my neighbourhood with my camera, capturing shots of the roadside flowers.

Some times a tree trunk is not just a tree trunk , perhaps its a tree trunk  with a snail on it

Sometimes you get lucky and get more than you first thought as you press the shutter

I love to see ‘old’ walls

And if you look over the wall, you may see the entrance to the Secret Garden


Seven Tails

This is a tale of Seven Tails, tails that belonged to the seven cats my mother looked after, however as write this I am aware that one cat ‘lost’ her tail (all she had was a little stump but boy did she use it to the best of her ability)


Afternoon snooze

All cats were welcome to visit

And would make a bee line to get as close as possible, even sneaking up from behind.

Joey (with tail) lived in a rose bush for about 6 months before settling in. He was terrified of loud noises and brooms, he loved dry cat food and was the father of  ‘Bubbles’ (without tail) and was totally devoted to Mushka (short haired smoky tortoiseshell (calico)


But he did into unusual spots

Below is a photograph of a painting of all seven cats my mother commissioned from a local artist

Two tabbies, two torties, one rather large black and white, one ginger and one champagne and white cat.





Past Times

Along the River Great Ouse

The riverside has changed a lot in the last few years

Buildings have come down

Careful does it!

People were curious



New buildings went up

And so did a new bridge

The New Bridge

Older buildings changed use (again)

However the wildlife carried on as usual

All these photos were taken between 2012 and 2020


Another Day

Another day in the ‘Ninja Cat’ world of Sebastian, and at last he has gone back to ignoring dogs that pass his way as he snoozes in one of his favourite spots (half in, half out the garden gateway) Phew!

Sebi thought he was King of the Castle

Found this old photo of Sebi, you can see how much the colour of his fur has changed.


This deck chair is sooooo comfortable

Cats will choose the strangest places to have a snooze




Ninja Cat

In a previous post I mentioned that my elderly cat went all ‘Ninja Cat’ when he saw my neighbours dog passing by.

My neighbour uses a mobility scooter to get around.  Yesterday he went out to exercise his medium sized dog, as he passed my open gate Sebastian (Sebi) leapt up from where he was snoozing in the sunshine  and out the gate towards the dog who was rather confused at this yowling, hissing, spitting attacking him.

Now today, Sebi decided that 2 tiny dogs out for a walk with their owner was going to get the same treatment, Now these 2 dogs put together would still be smaller than Sebi on a good day.

Luckily their owner saw the funny side as Sebi didn’t really know who to try and whack first (he didn’t catch either of them)

This is Sebi – He was complaining very loudly about being caught in a rainstorm.

As you can see he does not have many teeth, but I can confirm he has very sharp claws and a really loud MEOW

One Day

It is Bank Holiday Monday, another during Lockdown, where everyone is Social Distancing, wearing face masks etc. However this post is about my cat Sebastian.

Sebastian is an elderly cat, approximately 15 years old, he’s been with me about 18 months now and knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

I’ve been around cats all my life, each one having their own distinct personality  and Sebi has quite a few quirks.
He likes to drink water from a jug

He prefers open gates since he can no longer jump up onto high walls

He will wait patiently for the gate to be opened so he can go in or out, or half way in.  If I take too long a very loud Meow is heard and if he is wanting to come in a little white paw is tapped underneath the gate.


However today took the biscuit so to speak.
Sebi doesn’t like dogs, usually cats will make a strategic retreat if a dog comes on the scene, not so Sebi.  My neighbour was walking his dog past my open gate, Sebi was snoozing in the garden and decided to go ‘Ninja Cat’ at the dog (who backed away confused)
Luckily no blood was spilled, I had a socially distanced chat with my neighbour, with the back ground noise of Sebi  alternately growling and spitting at the dog.  Every few minutes the cat would get up, move from one side of the garden to the other, doing the arched back and bristled fur.  Eventually he settled down at a safe distance.

A Quiet Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this site.  A lot has happened to me and to the world, this time last year the world was a much safer place, but I am not telling you something you do not already know.

As I write this, it feels like its early on a Sunday morning, not coming up to noon.  It is sunny and warm for the time of year, all I can hear (other than my tapping on the laptop keyboard) is the sound of birdsong.  I heard a Cuckoo calling for the first time in many years, blackbirds, thrushes, robins, the noisy magpies, the wood pigeons all make an appearance throughout the day. The sound of a lone car driving by momentarily brings me back to the 21st Century.

I assume the sales of audiobooks and e-books have increased, I have no data, only that I have purchased more titles and downloaded as much free content as possible.  Social media has played its part with helping people keep in touch with each other and the world.

But me, I love to hear the birdsong

Robin Singing it’s heart out

And to look up, to see what is flying by

or what has just landed

Just Visiting

All photos are from my archive (pre lockdown)


The Last of the Sunshine

Last weekend in the sunshine I strolled around Rushden Hall Park.

Rushden Hall

Guests were arriving for a Wedding so I turned my attention to The Rushden Museum


Its a very small museum but a little gem.

Would you believe these next two images are of the public conveniences

Some views of the park


and some of the ‘locals’

This park has a designated area for dogs ‘off lead’

It seems well used but has divided opinion amongst park users



Walk on by

On a walk along the riverbank the Canada Geese are likely to swim over to you to see if anything is going.

Not to be out done….

a swan swam closer

just to make sure I could capture his beauty.

As I walked along the riverbank I noticed this little chap watching me

And what you don’t see from this next picture

is that minutes before they all had marched together  across the grass to reach the riverbank.

And now buildings old


and new

of times past