The View……….. it’s a cha cha cha Changing!

Everything changes, somethings slowly, somethings at  faster pace.

From this


to this…


and this







More to follow……………

Halloween is Coming

And I am looking forward to a slice of Barmbrack and catching up with a few other Halloween Traditions from my youth………Not forgetting Faheys Orchard

See if you can identify the locations in – Trick of the light – 8 Eerie Tales

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8 eerie tales

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Or just Daydreaming

I have always been a daydreamer, I would often tuck myself away in a corner as  a child so I could have  daydream time to my self.  Now of course I no longer need to tuck my self away but I do take a time out for a daydream or two, It helps with inspiration for my writing and if outside I often find the local wildlife popping around to take a peek at me, not to mention the neighbours cats who always sense when I am in the garden and hop up onto my lap to have a quick snooze while I sit in my deck chair with a mug of tea and a hot buttered scone.

Just Visiting

Just Visiting

Making Me Smile

Just a few pictures that make me smile

Splish Splash!



And because I like Cats

I was here First

I was here First


I thought I saw one

A Sunday Stroll

Recently I have been taking a stroll on a Sunday.  As I walk around a local lake I find my self enjoying the late Summers sun.  It’s popular with cyclists and joggers both old and young who whiz around  the lakeside missing the Herons waiting patiently for their next fish, and all the other wildlife  along the pathways  they rush along.IMG_0008



If only they would stop awhile and just take a look…..

A Washed Out Bank Holiday

Its been raining most of this Bank Holiday, a few years ago this would have bothered me. Now it just allows me to ‘do’ other things. Catch up with my reading, sort through photographs, listen to the radio. The list is endless. At the moment the film Star Trek The Voyage Home is on the Sci Fi Channel (I don’t like the term syfy)  in the background – classic one liners.


Looking through my recent pics I found this one.