A Washed Out Bank Holiday

Its been raining most of this Bank Holiday, a few years ago this would have bothered me. Now it just allows me to ‘do’ other things. Catch up with my reading, sort through photographs, listen to the radio. The list is endless. At the moment the film Star Trek The Voyage Home is on the Sci Fi Channel (I don’t like the term syfy)  in the background – classic one liners.


Looking through my recent pics I found this one.

It’s a funny Old World

Driving home today, the DJ was talking to a guy about the International Space Station and how it would be visible in the night sky around my area.  I remembered reading a book many years ago by Arthur C Clarke which was set in the future about a boy lost at sea looking up at one of the space stations circling the planet and hoping for rescue. At the time of reading it  I don’t think Skylab was even thought of.

What was science fiction has often become fact, all be it in a different time scale, though time is relative etc. etc.

So If I see a Blue Box I just pop inside and take a look!




A Different Trail

Recently I went for a walk along the route of a disused railway line.  The route was well used by dog walkers and cyclists alike.  Birds sang high up in the trees and butterflies and bees went from flower to flower, the sun was shining brightly.


Lucky I had my trusty camera



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It’s St Swithuns Day

Tomorrow, Today or Yesterday – It all depends when you read this post. So to all Happy St Swithuns Day. Just hope it doesn’t rain as legend dictates it will rain for 40 daysIMG_0003

Lazy Days

Recently I took ‘Time Out’ from my ‘busy, hectic life’ and just chilled…..which was quite hard as there was a mini heatwave. Still It had the desired effect and recharged the batteries. I also got to see a Red Kite hovering above me for some time – no photo of course – my digital camera was inaccessible – Just seeing it riding the air currents above me was enough.
However after it moved on I took the opportunity to grab my camera to have it ready to capture what ever else came into my eye-line.


The acrobatic Housemartins obliged

Simple Things

A flower

Clouds in the sky


A sunset


or two