The Last of the Sunshine

Last weekend in the sunshine I strolled around Rushden Hall Park.

Rushden Hall

Guests were arriving for a Wedding so I turned my attention to The Rushden Museum


Its a very small museum but a little gem.

Would you believe these next two images are of the public conveniences

Some views of the park


and some of the ‘locals’

This park has a designated area for dogs ‘off lead’

It seems well used but has divided opinion amongst park users



Walk on by

On a walk along the riverbank the Canada Geese are likely to swim over to you to see if anything is going.

Not to be out done….

a swan swam closer

just to make sure I could capture his beauty.

As I walked along the riverbank I noticed this little chap watching me

And what you don’t see from this next picture

is that minutes before they all had marched together  across the grass to reach the riverbank.

And now buildings old


and new

of times past


A Morning Walk

It’s mid morning, the sound of a wood pigeon in the distance calls to me. I pick up a camera, the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS is my choice of camera for today.
Walking through the countryside I heard the distinctive song of a robin.

Guesss Who is Coming to Bedford

Just a few photos from last years event





Weeping Angels in Disguise

Never mind the Zygons

Sunday Sunshine

It’s Sunday, and the sun is shining, the sounds that abound remind me of Sundays past. Young lads working on their pride and joy cars, the sounds and smells wafting over of Sunday roast being cooked and the faraway sound of a dog barking it’s joyfulness as it’s being walked (or should that be walking it’s owner) Birds flitting to the bird feeder, keeping a watchful eye on the cats dozing in a sun trapped corner of the garden.

It’s still only February, so maybe tomorrow ………..

The Robin Singing it’s heart out.

King of the Castle

Everybody knows that if you leave an empty box out a cat will hop inside.  However if you have a pile of wood/rubbish……..

They will sit on top of it. 

Guess Who is Coming to Bedford

If you are a Doctor Who fan, the next Bedford Who Charity Convention has announced some amazing guests.

Sophie Aldred (photo from Charity Con 4) reuniting with Her Doctor –
Sylvester McCoy 
Other guests include:
Janet Fielding
Carole Ann Ford
Louise Jamieson
Michael Jayston
Full details are available on the Bedford Who Charity Con website. – Ticket prices etc.

I have been to a few of these conventions and have enjoyed every one.  The last one had Colin Baker singing the Timelord Song (it’s on YouTube)

The sketches are brilliant.   (also on YouTube)


Sophie Aldred and Elen Thomas (Above)
Sophie Aldred and John Leeson (Below)

Even a Weeping Angel wants a photo with a Zygon 

And don’t forget the Daleks!

Are likely to turn up.

All the money raised goes to the Bedford Food Bankbank