Looking for Inspiration

I often go for a walk around nature reserves when looking for inspiration. The photos of the birds I get are a welcome bonus. I usually come home ready to start writing.


The Old and The New

Sometimes it is worth the time just to stop and take a wander around places that you often drive through on the way to somewhere else.

The Old and The New

Because you may get to see the familiar in a different viewpoint.

Through The Window

Arriving at work the other day I glanced out the window and spied in the distance a lovely looking heron strutting around in all his finery as he fished for his breakfast. Alas I had not brought my camera and unfortunately the zoom on my camera phone just wasn’t up to the task.

So here’s one I took earlier..

Heron 2

Lunching with the Steve’s

I used to ‘Lunch’ with the same few work colleagues Steve, Coral and other Steve, we would discuss the days happenings (we all worked in different departments) the food on offer at the staff restaurant etc. until it was either time to back to work or a quick ‘trip’ around town.

Things change, now they are all enjoying their retirement, whilst I still ‘Lunch’ though now I am often seen walking along the riverbank with my trusty camera.

Moorhen on nest

Moorhen on nest

Watching the wildlife

Buildings demolished

And the world going by.

Splish! Splash! ……..I’m Taking a Bath!

Walking along the path to a hide, I came across this little fellow…



A quick snap via a camera phone and an intentional camera shake

It was a foggy evening……

When I thought of my very first ‘scary’ story……….I was about 12 or 13 and had just arrived home from school and was sent out to buy a bag of hay and food for my guinea pig…….Accompanied by my friend from next door we walked the 10-15 minute walk to ‘the shops’ following the dimly lit path around the ‘green’ as the fog swirled around us, shadows danced as muffled sounds came from the few houses along the route and my young friend said ‘Tell me a Story’

So I did…………..

She didn’t sleep for a week…….