A walk by the river

On my latest walk along the riverbank I spied this little chap enjoying the sunshine on his lonesome.


This little chap decided to pop over to see what I was doing.


And these three just swam on by.





Waiting Patiently





Something Old Something New

The view along The River Great Ouse in Bedford has changed a lot in the last few years.  Buildings demolished to make way for new. Another bridge……..





The New Bridge

The New Bridge

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Back from the Future……

I just found an old photograph from 1981 – The big orange machine was a Zippel. It held a large amount of information that today we could probably keep on a smart phone. It was great fun, to access other data cards in the machine we could tap a number on the keypad and press start and it would rotate the carousel, however if the power failed, you could insert a very large crank handle (about 3ft long) and manually crank the carousel to the correct number!



Coping with the Heat!

As I write this, the day is now overcast, it’s still warm, the ice-cream van has just tootled by playing the theme to Match of the Day, in years gone by you would often hear the roar of ‘Ripe Strawberries, Ripe Strawberries’ and the ringing of a hand-bell calling  out the adults who wanted fresh strawberries.  The temperature reads 26c degrees in the house, next doors cat is lying down in the shade in my garden and in the distance I hear the sound of wood pigeons, the odd car passing by and every now and then out of the corner of my eye, I see swallows or swifts fly by so fast I often cannot tell which is which

The big thunderstorms have not yet arrived here; but there is still time……..

Beating the Traffic Jam

One morning I was getting in my car to drive to work when I spotted this


in the sky above me.  I thought it was a lovely way to beat the traffic jams that always happen when the schools go back after half term etc.  A normal 20 minute journey can take twice that!

However being stuck in a traffic jam can have some good points, you get to hear the end of the stories on local radio… you hear about others in worse traffic jams than yours as you edge forward.