A Walk on The Wild Side

I love walking through the countryside, listening to birds singing their hearts out.  Watching rabbits bounding along bridleways. A butterfly fluttering from flower to flower or a few geese on the riverbank


IMG_0015 (1)

or occasionally



Sunday Walks

And the things you see……..


A Scarecrow, A Weeping Angel, An Auton.

As well as ……


A Coot.

Radio Days

Recently I have been listening to various radio stations throughout the day, most days I wake up to a national radio station, in the car it is a local station (for traffic updates etc.) Lunch times it’s headphones on, listening to a regular show, sometimes the interviews are sad and sometimes they are more uplifting.
Recently I have been listening to a ‘pop up’ station that played Country Music.
Saturday mornings is housework time and ‘Treasure Quest’  where two teams from neighbouring radio stations vie to find the treasure in their area before each other, but mostly they want to beat the ‘Evil Les’ the quizmaster.



I Always Enjoy the Food Here!




A camera phone just does not ‘do it’  Yesterday as I looked along the riverbank I spied  amongst the usual Canada Geese a pair of geese that were ‘different’  They were too far away to photograph with my ‘phone’ to get a decent picture.  I had hoped they would return today but to no avail. (I had my camera ready today!) Maybe tomorrow……..


Until then a picture of Canada Geese


Taken when the weather was a little warmer  (and not on a ‘phone’)



Reflections and Selfies

Whenever I take a photo I always look for reflections.  It comes from my preference of being behind the camera, and not the subject so to speak.  However there has been times when I have inadvertently caught my own reflection in a shot.


However this was not one of those times.

It is a bit of a spooky shot in as much as the subject looks as though it is leaping out of the water.


The Changing Riverside

Every day the view along the riverside changes, some changes are subtle and may be missed by the casual viewer.  Some however leap out at you.