No Tardis Needed

Along with the rest of the country I ‘Time Travelled’ when the clocks went back an hour from BST to GMT – As a child I was fascinated by this event and when I found out about the international dateline the fascination with ‘Time’ grew.  I read everything I could – fiction and non fiction (oh how I wish the internet was around then!)



I still like the idea of travelling in the Tardis- The places and the ‘times’ it could take you to. However what I would enjoy would be exploring all the rooms in it. Some big, some small and some positively never ending. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

Every Thing Changes

Whether you want it to or not.

Buildings get demolished -From This


To This


Inside the shell

Inside the shell



I thought long and hard for a title for this post. Relaxation, JLS (Jonathan Livingstone etc.) Seagull In the end I went with ‘Flight’
I love to see seagulls in flight, dipping and diving.


A Walk in the Countryside….

Is a good place to go for quiet reflection.

And it not just for humans


A Saturday Morning Walk

Through a Churchyard

After a good nights sleep I awoke early this morning with plenty of ideas buzzing through my head. I took a quick walk through a Churchyard (along with my trusty camera) to see what else was stirring on this lovely Autumn (Fall) morning as the sun was shining brightly.

I was here First

I was here First

Seems like I wasn’t the only one.

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Summer Meadow

Sometimes a walk through a meadow

Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow

is so relaxing…. as long as I remember my anti histamine tablets