It was a foggy evening……

When I thought of my very first ‘scary’ story……….I was about 12 or 13 and had just arrived home from school and was sent out to buy a bag of hay and food for my guinea pig…….Accompanied by my friend from next door we walked the 10-15 minute walk to ‘the shops’ following the dimly lit path around the ‘green’ as the fog swirled around us, shadows danced as muffled sounds came from the few houses along the route and my young friend said ‘Tell me a Story’

So I did…………..

She didn’t sleep for a week…….

Finding Treasures of From The Past

I have just re discovered a brochure from Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks and Anatomy Exhibition (Combined Free Brochure value 5p)- it belong to my sister (name written inside) it’s a fascinating read. even if the ‘exhibits’ are pretty tame compared to what is seen todays world.




I’ve been looking at some old photos, mainly from the 1980s………shoulder pads anyone?

In the group photograph of ‘the girls’ I worked with (circa 1981-82)all had dresses or skirts that were below the knee but the hair! pass the hairspray please. Looking at the photos that included part of the offices you really get to see how much paperwork there was before computers (though if you saw my desk at work today you would disagree- but that’s another story)

A Humble Chaffinch

Not to be confused with a Bullfinch

Chaffinch 2

The Humble Bullfinch

Has been a favourite of mine for many years, often confused with the Chaffinch (though not by me) I was lucky enough earlier in the year to photograph this handsome fellow.

No Tardis Needed

Along with the rest of the country I ‘Time Travelled’ when the clocks went back an hour from BST to GMT – As a child I was fascinated by this event and when I found out about the international dateline the fascination with ‘Time’ grew.  I read everything I could – fiction and non fiction (oh how I wish the internet was around then!)



I still like the idea of travelling in the Tardis- The places and the ‘times’ it could take you to. However what I would enjoy would be exploring all the rooms in it. Some big, some small and some positively never ending. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

Every Thing Changes

Whether you want it to or not.

Buildings get demolished -From This


To This


Inside the shell

Inside the shell