The Times They Are A Changing

Soon the whole skyline will change forever

Demolition Day Approaches

Demolition Day Approaches

Slowly the building is coming down


Inside the shell

Inside the shell

All seen on a lunchtime walk by the river….soon new memories will be made and this building will be replaced with something new

Counting Down Until

The New Doctor appears on our screens.

I have tried not to view any spoilers, as it’s a bit like when you were a child and found out you were getting for Christmas. So I am counting down until the new episodes.

Friends and Foes

Friends and Foes

Tales from the Riverbank

I love walking by the local river, which is lucky as I work in an office beside the river. Today I saw Mr Heron waiting patiently for his breakfast

Lunchtime (after been fed and watered) I strolled down the riverbank
View from a bridge
The other Direction

Near the Town Bridge

Not forgetting the Geese

Follow the leader

Follow the leader


I don’t do ‘Selfies’ Whenever I take photographs of places I visit, I take just that. I don’t feel the need to include myself in them, if I am with a group, fine, I include them and vice versa.
As a photographer I don’t have many photographs of me. I was and am the one behind the lens. From picking up my first Kodak 127 to my latest Canon. Even when using a Sony Betamax camcorder back in the day to the Hi8 pro camcorders I was hardly ever caught on ‘film’ (even when filming Weddings in a notorious mirrored reception venue) So this picture below is the nearest to a ‘selfie’ I will publish.

Trick of The Light – 8 Eerie Tales

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8 eerie tales

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Life is like a Butterfly

Sometimes you just have to pause for a while and catch a little time in the sun, just like this butterfly did when fluttering through my garden.


Note to Self

Always carry a camera when out and about because the things you see when YOU Don’t Have A Camera With You Are The Most Interesting.
IF I had my camera last Sunday, there would be a lovely picture of a female Yellow Wagtail in this post.
This would be the Yellow Wagtail that stopped about a foot away from my parked car and said “I’m ready for my Close Up!”

‘Ah!’ you may say, ‘What about ‘What about the camera on your mobile (cell) phone?’

Note to Self………always carry a fully charged ‘phone’